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Meet Our AgFest Cohort

Meet the newest cohort of AgTech companies that presented at AgFest 2021.

Since 2014, The Yield Lab has invested and scaled more than 56 global food and AgTech companies that have attracted more than $300 Million USD in follow-on investments.

We invite you to connect with our newest cohort below.



Categories: Precision Ag


Fasal is a climate-smart, crop-specific, data-driven precision agriculture solution that recommends real-time agronomic solutions to horticulture growers using on-farm micro-climate data collected via agnostic sensors. Predictive analytics is then applied to the data to provide crop and stage-specific, actionable decision-making so that farmers can optimize farm growth conditions as well as dramatically reduce pesticide and water use.


Microgen Biotech has developed a unique range of biologicals based on healthy bacteria that restore the soil’s natural microbiome, improving yields and reducing the update of heavy metals into plants. It is also used for bioremediation on lands that were polluted with industrial waste, mining, and hydrocarbons to decontaminate them and restore them to productive use.

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Categories: Crop production



Categories: Sustainability


Flywire is a "Fitbit for fishing boats." They work with fishers and seafood suppliers to provide at-sea verification of sustainable fishing efforts, translating video-enabled fisher data into actionable insights at a fraction of the cost. It combines patented computer vision and artificial intelligence technology with lean manufacturing expertise.

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RootWave is a weeding technology company that uses a sustainable and scalable organic alternative to herbicides. It aims to improve the environment by reducing the use of chemicals in farming. RootWave uses the plant’s natural conductivity to distribute an electrical charge and super-heat the entire plant. The process literally evaporates the moisture, bursting the cells and killing the weed instantly.

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Categories: Sustainability


Botanical Solutions

Botanical Solutions has got a unique platform for manufacturing plant-based AI and products based out of advanced botanicals. Its first product Botristop is a botanical biopesticide with a high level of consistency in production and performance that directly acts on the pathogen Botrytis upon contact.

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Categories: Crop production


ApisProtect uses in-hive sensors, retrofitted into existing beehives, to unobtrusively monitor honey bee colonies. The collected data is gathered using mobile networks, then machine learning and big data techniques are applied to attain actionable insights about colony health, diseases, pests, and other important events to make effective beekeeping decisions.

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Categories: Animal Health



GroGuru is focused on Smart Irrigation using AI and long-lasting soil sensors to help farmers to implement strategic irrigation management to increase crop yield while saving water. Its solutions offer a significant value proposition to farmers with a payback period typically of less than one growing season.

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Categories: Precision Ag


Hexafly converts low-value brewers' waste into environmentally-friendly protein and nutritional oil products, of high value to the aquaculture fish feed market. Other by-products include frass, a natural fertilizer, and chitin, a bio-polymer used in medicine and as a food additive. These products are derived from black soldier fly larvae, which consume the brewers' waste They have already begun exporting their product across the E.U.

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Categories: Animal health


Foodshed is a marketing and distribution platform for farmers and is a one-stop, app-based local food distributor for restaurants. Foodshed’s mobile app functions as a marketing and distribution platform that aims to reduce inefficiencies in the food distribution system.



Categories: Supply chain


An indoor farming solution provider that builds and manages turnkey indoor vegetable farms using fully engineered units, production services, and proprietary seed genetics that achieve best-in-market economics.

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Categories: Crop production



Categories: Precision Ag


The smallholder farmers' credit platform that uses AI & ML for a holistic approach to farmers' credit rating. CreditAI credit rates Indian farmers using historical data and current data (comprising farmer and farming data, financial and commodity price data, rainfall and temperature data, and agriculture input and product sales) on a scale of 1-10, improving the accuracy of farmers' true potential and farmers ability to access agricultural loans.

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Big Data company for agriculture that through its SaaS platform helps agronomists and farmers to adopt precision agriculture tools to farm in a more sustainable and efficient way and upstream companies to improve their businesses by facilitating their digital transformation.

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Categories: Precision farming, IoT, AI



Categories: Supply chain


Agree Market is a B2B food marketplace for agricultural products. Based on a cloud-based platform, users are able to buy or sell grains, oilseeds, specialties, fruits, and vegetables on any device. It is a flexible platform that integrates various modular tools with customizable solutions for each Ag value chain stakeholder, providing efficiency, transparency, and traceability through technology.

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Improving the way key lepidopteran insect pests are controlled, and thereby reducing or eliminating the need for genetically modified plants and chemical pesticides. Currently working on an oral delivery system for sterilizing strains of a sexually transmitted insect virus ​to add to their current portfolio of technologies and products to control insect resistance to Bt (Bacillus thuringensis) technologies.

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Categories: Crop production



Categories: Precision farming, IoT, AI


Trade technology service that provides end-to-end supply chain visibility for global businesses, ensuring the traceability and trackability of business documents, goods, and services with every transaction on the platform. DiMuto leverages technologies (such as blockchain, IoT & AI) to create and sustain trusts for businesses, consumers, and communities involved in global trade.

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Space AG

Integrated software for yield monitoring and forecasting in high-value crops. By organizing and integrating data, optimizing irrigation systems, early detection of in-field problems, and yield improvement and forecasting, they are able to increase +20% gross margins and reduce at least 30% of water and inputs usage.

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Categories: Precision Ag

Tun Yat

The first online mechanized equipment rental and services platform in Myanmar providing farmers affordable on-demand farm machinery and services from a fleet of high-quality and reliable equipment. This award-winning platform also offers farming-as-a-service contracting and credit arrangements.

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Categories: Supply chain

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